Nathan Salteer


Born and raised in England, I pursued careers in Engineering Design and then Construction before a car accident dictated a change.

Surrendering to the pursuit of my first love – Creative Writing, I embarked upon an exercise to develop further, endeavours that had been up until that point for my own self gratification.

An ancestry of Scottish and Italian immigrants – and peoples living on the working waterways of Great Britain, I suspect is probably responsible for the slightly unusual perspective on both character and narrative development in my work.

I felt it essential to release THE THUNDERBIRD TWINS first because I feel it presents a slightly more palatable introduction to a world I see racing headlong into oblivion – a race taking place under the flimsy veil of honourable intentions; the defence of a nations security and the clamour for alternative ‘Greener’ energy.

The book DAVID, although first in the series, provides the back story to some of the more prolific characters in THE THUNDERBIRD TWINS – an explanation for certain individual’s motives and behaviour if you will.

Don’t think for a moment that reading THE THUNDERBIRD TWINS first will sully your enjoyment of DAVID. I have taken great care in engineering both books so that each can be enjoyed in their own right, but remain inextricably linked chronologically to the main story.

Motivations and Inspirations.

Throughout my life I have had the good fortune to be exposed to some amazing lateral thinkers (some of whom have been my close friends since childhood), and apart from the obvious cerebral stimulation these relationships provide, it has enabled me to seek solace in the realization that there is nothing wrong with possessing a mind that works in a slightly unusual way: or should that read, ‘being possessed by a mind that works in a slightly unusual way?’ Whatever way around this should be, I remain committed to the pursuit of explanations for the unusual – even when confronted by commonly accepted evidence provided by our scientific community.

By no means wishing to disrespect the writers’ that have inspired me, I feel reluctant to recall their names for fear of leaving out a single individual, and exposing myself to the guilt I would feel neglecting my acknowledgement of their influence on me. Suffice to say, my wife has been my greatest inspiration, and with her metaphorical right foot ever hovering in the general vicinity of my backside when I’m down, I know it can always only be a matter of time until I’m clawing my way back up again. That said, I must and need to thank a unique individual, who having now left this plane will remain with me forever –


Thank you, you know who you are.

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