Nathan Salteer


A dark psychological horror with a supernatural undercurrent.

The following account will take you on a journey that will force you to question the very meaning of the word ‘Reality’.

An ordinary mans experiences beginning on a return trip from holiday force him to doubt his own sanity, whilst gradually isolating him from the loving family that are his entire world.

The revelations he is presented with leave him no option but to embark upon a rescue, a rescue that will ultimately tear his family apart and drag him down to below the lowest level a human being needs to survive. A level that will reveal to him an aberration of human behaviour that will make any non-believer pray for a God to have faith in; a God that has remained absent and been so very negligent throughout the life of one very special individual – David.

The realization that human beings will comfortably treat others as pieces of equipment to be used and broken only serve to reinforce his belief that we are indeed ‘In’ the food chain, and with very few exceptions deserve to be so.

If you are of a sensitive or delicate disposition, I would strongly advise you to give this story a very wide berth. My own experience after having the account conveyed to me was that of many troubled and sleepless nights, and the haunting realization that the account contained herein is factual, and made even more disturbing by the reality that the British Government could have instigated the entire thing.


A dark psychological thriller with a supernatural tilt

All Leon Cheung wanted was to confront the surgeon who’d failed him, to have the opportunity to ask why? But keeping the love of his life safe and out of harm’s way soon becomes an all consuming task as he firstly has to clear his name of murder – then of a crime even more despicable.

Two long ago stories soon collide to aid Leon. So astonishingly unrelated, it takes one man’s psychic experiences and an ancient book of American Indian prophecies to engage in a series of incidents, to bring Leon’s traumatic predicament to an unimaginable conclusion.

This is a story about relationships, formed from trust and mistrust, love, hope and despair – the dark unknown, the undercurrent of rampant evil and the hope that the common good of mankind will prevail against it – without becoming corrupted.

There is also a boy – a boy long gone, lost but made himself found – about brothers – about survival, but not as we know it.

The thunderbird twins

Design: Darren Barker.

© Darren Barker 2014