Nathan Salteer


“Welcome to my official website. I want it to be both interesting and stimulating for you to use. However I must stress that the books to which it relates are strictly for adult consumption and under no circumstances should they be read by children or individuals of a delicate disposition.

My work must be termed as fiction, something that I personally consider an abstract concept in this world. I think you are more than capable of deciding for yourselves.”

“Intoxicatingly dark and intriguing.”

“Fantastic, highly recommended reading.”

“A fantastically dark story spattered with gruesome twists and a very engaging read on the whole. It will keep you turning the pages.”

“Make a great film, really does have a twist.”

Reviews on Amazon for: THE THUNDERBIRD TWINS.

Look out for this artwork on the cover of Nathan’s latest book DAVID. It is the prequel to the THUNDERBIRD TWINS and is due for release with Amazon for Kindle in October 2014.

Design: Darren Barker.

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